If your reading this, we are probably friends or related. Thank you for clicking on the link. I can’t say that anyone might want to read this. What I can say is that I HAVE to say it, even if my voice is shaking, inelegant or clumsy. I have something to say. I am not going to spend another day feeling less than awesome and you could consider joining me in that mission. I’m saying this because it is true and I thought you should know. I’m going to be doing some things: living life to start, running a 5k, probably singing some Karaoke and other things I want to do and I’m going to talk about it- here. There will be photos, videos and confessions. Mostly there will be truth- that is my truth, which is really just my opinion. So, do what you will with that and then read the about page  and then look at these pretty flowers and then check back with me and talk to me. Until then, be awesome.

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