Baby Steps

Well, I’ve spent the last couple of days wrestling with self-doubt. My husband asked, “naked?’ What is that about?

The thing is- the last time we jogged, I did something to my legs, like made them work hard and now I can barely walk. I drank water. I stretched. I even drank vinegar. I rubbed my legs with mentho-balm. I iced them. Soaked them. Walked some more and stretched some more. I feel pretty frustrated and still really sore. So, what am I going to do to pull myself off  the edge of I-pulled-a-muscle-jogging-so-everything-is-shit-cliff? Bill Murray. He will help.

cocktail therapy

It is the middle of week 1 in the couch to 5K training. Today I had the company of my sister and my husband, who kept the time for us. I found it much easier having someone there with a stop watch. I was able to concentrate on breathing and moving one foot in front of the other without thinking about the time. And I enjoyed the company very much. I can’t say that the jogging was any easier but, it felt really good afterwards, that is until the muscles in my thighs and bottom seized up- not sure what to do about that. I have been drinking loads of water, walking and stretching throughout the day. I am now thinking cocktails are the answer. A St Germaine Champagne Cocktail to celebrate this awesome new fitness challenge and dull the pain of this awesome new fitness challenge. Cheers!

Every possible mistake

For today, a little song: New Soul by Yael Naim. I absolutely love the lighthearted music. And the lyrics? Well, I feel like getting out there and making some mistakes, myself. It can’t be so bad if it sounds like that, don’t you think?  And hand in hand with music, some prose. I picked up a book and opened to this poem, which I like very much, by John Drinkwater. Enjoy & Talk to you soon!


I told the Sun that I was glad,

I’m sure I don’t know why;

Somehow the pleasant way he had

Of shining in the sky,

Just put a notion in my head

That wouldn’t it be fun

If, walking on the hill, I said

“I’m happy” to the Sun

What One Man Can Do

Today, training for this 5K thing started. I actually did some jogging. It was cool to sweat and breathe and feel really hot and Great to finish. My coach has given me a method of switching up between running and walking in timed short bursts. I did this for like 45 minutes, because I was counting the time in my head- not the most accurate- in fact it was in no way accurate, which is why it took 15 minutes longer than it should have. I will require a timing device of some sort, not my Iphone. Anyway, here are the video diaries of today’s post. Along with a scene from the movie The Edge staring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin.

In my mind this morning, Anthony Hopkins was shouting, “What One Man Can Do, Another Can do!”  I do realize that a little jog and killing a man hunting bear are slightly different but ,it helped me go further than I thought I could.

So, I’d love to hear about your challenges and how you are achieving them. What gets you over the hump? Have you killed any of your bears lately? Until later, Thank you for checking in with me.


If your reading this, we are probably friends or related. Thank you for clicking on the link. I can’t say that anyone might want to read this. What I can say is that I HAVE to say it, even if my voice is shaking, inelegant or clumsy. I have something to say. I am not going to spend another day feeling less than awesome and you could consider joining me in that mission. I’m saying this because it is true and I thought you should know. I’m going to be doing some things: living life to start, running a 5k, probably singing some Karaoke and other things I want to do and I’m going to talk about it- here. There will be photos, videos and confessions. Mostly there will be truth- that is my truth, which is really just my opinion. So, do what you will with that and then read the about page  and then look at these pretty flowers and then check back with me and talk to me. Until then, be awesome.