Baby Steps

Well, I’ve spent the last couple of days wrestling with self-doubt. My husband asked, “naked?’ What is that about?

The thing is- the last time we jogged, I did something to my legs, like made them work hard and now I can barely walk. I drank water. I stretched. I even drank vinegar. I rubbed my legs with mentho-balm. I iced them. Soaked them. Walked some more and stretched some more. I feel pretty frustrated and still really sore. So, what am I going to do to pull myself off  the edge of I-pulled-a-muscle-jogging-so-everything-is-shit-cliff? Bill Murray. He will help.

2 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Do not struggle with self doubt, defeat it instead.
    I’m glad you are doing this project. Not only the 5K part, but sharing your writing. Your brain creates some fun stuff.

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