cocktail therapy

It is the middle of week 1 in the couch to 5K training. Today I had the company of my sister and my husband, who kept the time for us. I found it much easier having someone there with a stop watch. I was able to concentrate on breathing and moving one foot in front of the other without thinking about the time. And I enjoyed the company very much. I can’t say that the jogging was any easier but, it felt really good afterwards, that is until the muscles in my thighs and bottom seized up- not sure what to do about that. I have been drinking loads of water, walking and stretching throughout the day. I am now thinking cocktails are the answer. A St Germaine Champagne Cocktail to celebrate this awesome new fitness challenge and dull the pain of this awesome new fitness challenge. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “cocktail therapy

  1. For me, I have found that following any exercise I have to take my time with lots of leg stretching. I mean, stretch until it is boring (you know I am impatient). I don’t stretch before exercise. I have at times decided that I can’t be bothered to stretch afterward and I have paid for it for up to a week with sore legs! Ouch.

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