Yesterday, I had the pleasure to view the premiere of  the film, The Coexist Comedy Tour at the Traverse City Winter Comedy Festival. A friend offered me tickets and since I’m all about saying, “yes” more. I said, “Yes!” It was a wild wintery day. Brilliant, blinding sunshine followed by grey heavy clouds and white-out snow bursts and then sun again. And downtown Traverse City was humming with life. It was such a boost to be out with humanity wearing sunglasses and snow boots. I loved it!

So, about the film. “When a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, and an atheist walk into a bar… What in God’s name could possibly go wrong? After one comic bails, a live comedy concert film that started as an exercise in co-existence turns into a documentary, as the filmmakers desperately go in search of a funny Christian”. The film is Directed by Larry Brand, produced by Leland, Michigan locals Rebecca Reynolds and Jim Carpenter and stars comedians of the main world religions and an Atheist working it out with humor, including the ‘funny Christian’, John Fugelsang. It was refreshing, hilarious and unexpectedly, kind of touching.

As we, the humans, acclimatize to this relatively new cross-cultural, mass communicating, global community maybe humor can help bring us greater understanding of each other? And if not, at least, there is a laugh in it.

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