Begin Again

You know how much I love lists. They help me stay organized. They help me feel productive. I love checking things off my list as much as I love making the list. Yah, they drive me crazy too and I can get a bit carried away with the planning. But, let’s not dwell on the negative. The New Year is upon us and this is the absolute BEST time for making lists!!!
These are the things on my TO DO List this week:

  1. Get outside: See the beauty, smell fresh air, listen to the birds, unless it is cold enough for your snot to freeze. Then and only then, stay indoors and watch the travel channel.
  2. Eat the best and most nourishing fresh foods I can afford. Eat less sugar and drink lots of water. My taste buds say, “thank YOU!”
  3. Write someone a letter about how awesome they are and why I thank my lucky stars that I know them.
  4. Feel the way I feel. Yes, I was crying at the cafe counter this morning. Yes, I was overcome with joy eating salmon for dinner. And oh, did I feel strong and defiant shoveling snow!
  5. Make some soup for friends and get them to come over to my house to eat the soup. What is your favorite soup recipe? I am into fish chowder but, up for suggestions.
  6. Write a poem. Read a poem. See a poem. Hear a poem. Poetry is observation. Poetry is paying attention. I notice. I see. I am aware.

Begin Again

I am



the sunshine.

Like a good friend

who sits very near,

to hold your hand,

The sun says,

“Ok, Let’s begin, again.”

Peace & Joy,


4 thoughts on “Begin Again

  1. Lisa—-your poem? You go girl! Very impressed with your diligence. And your writing. Love, Judy Judy Brown 5106 Holly Drive West River, Maryland 20778 _www.judysorumbrown.com_ ( , new website! phone: 301-261-5322

    Two books out recently: Simple Gifts, a collection of my poetry, available from Amazon or Trafford Publishing The Art and Spirit of Leadership, available from Amazon or Trafford Publishing

    Forthcoming from Stanford University Business Press: from a project with eight wise colleagues under the auspice of the Fowler Center at Case Western Reserve, Flourishing Enterprise; The New Spirit of Business

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