There is Beauty


The lady at number 6

lived with great joy,

through the darkest of days

and dares to hope we will all hear the music.

It is playing on the wind for those willing to hear.

A humming,

there is beauty at all times.

Even when there is not a glimmer of hope,

there is beauty.

You must only listen for it.

9 thoughts on “There is Beauty

  1. Fabulous. J

    Judy Brown

    Recent books: Simple Gifts The Art and Spirit of Leadership Flourishing Enterprise: the New Spirit of Business (written with eight colleagues at the Fowler Center at Case Western Reserve, and forthcoming from Stanford University Business Press)


  2. Lisa, thank you for your lovely poem and the reminder of Alice Sommer. What an inspiration to the heart and soul she was and is. We can’t be reminded of the music enough.

    • Karen! Nice to see your name pop up. I was so touched by Alice’s story and saddened to hear of her passing, though as you say she lives on in the way she inspires us. Lovely to hear from you. xoxo

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