What One Man Can Do

Today, training for this 5K thing started. I actually did some jogging. It was cool to sweat and breathe and feel really hot and Great to finish. My coach has given me a method of switching up between running and walking in timed short bursts. I did this for like 45 minutes, because I was counting the time in my head- not the most accurate- in fact it was in no way accurate, which is why it took 15 minutes longer than it should have. I will require a timing device of some sort, not my Iphone. Anyway, here are the video diaries of today’s post. Along with a scene from the movie The Edge staring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin.

In my mind this morning, Anthony Hopkins was shouting, “What One Man Can Do, Another Can do!”  I do realize that a little jog and killing a man hunting bear are slightly different but ,it helped me go further than I thought I could.

So, I’d love to hear about your challenges and how you are achieving them. What gets you over the hump? Have you killed any of your bears lately? Until later, Thank you for checking in with me.

9 thoughts on “What One Man Can Do

  1. I killed a bear today… okay, well I decided to host another exchange student (I would NEVER kill a bear!). Hosting an international student – one of the few things that is good all around, and is FUN. Yes, it will be a hassle at times, and, YES, I will sometimes ask myself why I just can’t let a year that already has challenges be easy. But, as the world shrinks around us, it is nice to know and understand your neighbors. I don’t know a rat’s ass about Turkey, but 60 days from now, look out world, I’ll have a bit more knowledge under my belt. And, as the NAACP says, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. I love you Badass Snowflake!

  2. I’m impressed and happy for you. I’m rooting for you and I won’t give you any advice but will say that every time I’ve bit off more than I could chew and thought for sure my heart was going to explode or my brain physically catch on fire I’ve pushed through and after recuperating and thinking I was never ever going to do anything like that again, I found myself doing something exactly like that again, sometimes the next day.
    At first you don’t need to go after the biggest grizzly out there, you could start by killing koala bear cubs and work your way up.

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